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One on One President Arthur Jackson and former Algerian National Team Coach Sean Whalen returned to China for two weeks in late April of 2016visiting the cities of Beijing and Yichang. In conjunction with Chinese partner Comax the coaches ran a full array of programs in both cities demonstrating the true breadth of One on One Basketball Training.  

The coaches started the trip in Beijing where they ran a camp, training sessions for coaches and a special practice for the Beijing Ducks 17U development team, which holds the club’s top prospects. The Beijing Ducks were Chinese Basketball Association champions a year ago and are probably the most internationally known team in China as they have Stephon Marbury on their roster.  The coaches also attended the Beijing High School championship game. From Beijing the coaches took a 2.5 hour flight to the city of Yichang located along the Yangtze River in the Hubei Province of China.

Yichang is a city of 4 million people and is the first city Comax has targeted to expand One on One programs.  In Yichang, the coaches ran 4-5 programs a day visiting a number of public and private schools for After School Hoops® demonstrations. They also ran practices for the top two local high school teams. Each evening they held coaches’ training sessions for up to 20 young coaches.

Before leaving Yichang, Arthur and Sean helped run a basketball festival sponsored by Comax. The festival included a skills clinic, a unique Parent Child Camp and a 3on3 tournament for adults and kids. The festival concluded with an exhibition game of the One on One coaches and trainees against a top high school team in Yichang.




One on One President Arthur Jackson and Coach Rey Decerega returned to Panama in late May of 2016. The coaches met with the President of the Panamanian Basketball Federation (left), watched the National Team prepare for the Central American Games, trained teams from Jump Shot Academy (center), and met with Jump Shot Academy President Victor Julio (right).


One on One Basketball traveled to Panama for the first time in December of 2007. The purpose of the trip was to promote the ideals that sports can be a way of transmitting positive values across cultures. The goal was to use basketball as a vehicle to help create a positive image of American values with the youth of Panama. On the trip, five coaches from One On One Basketball traveled to Panama in order to impart their passion for a sport that they feel gives young people meaning and valuable life lessons. 

The trip took One on One Basketball to the interior of the country to a region called Azuero, specifically they worked in the town of Las Tablas. The coaches conducted clinics at two elementary schools called Escuela Presidente Porras y Escuela Claudio Vasquez where they emphasized cross cultural communication and exchange through drills, games exhibitions and seminars. The coaches also stressed the value of sports promoting discipline and self-esteem that sports bring forth in the life of young people. One on One Basketball also worked with La Fundacion 20-30, non-profit which hosted a clinic for the youth of the town along with a "friendly" exhibition game. In addition One on One ran a clinic for a group of university students who are majoring in physical education as they learned the proper techniques and drills of basketball for their studies.

In great part, the project was funded by COPA Airlines of Panama that donated four round trip tickets in its effort to support the development of youth in Panama.

Around 900 Youth articipated through the course of three days of clinics. During those three days, youth drilled in some of the fundamentals of basketball, listened to the coaches seminars and had the opportunity to win prizes(t-shirts, posters, mini-basketballs, athletic bags) through competition.

The schools also facilitated cross cultural exchange as an assembly at the Escuela Presidente Porras took place for the coaches. Panamanian youth danced some of the traditional dances of Panama and officials from the American embassy were participants in the activities. In appreciation of the services that One On One Basketball rendered, the coaches received pins with the school emblem and Panamanian flags as souvenirs. Participation by officials of the American Embassy in support of American entity working in Panama was also a success as well as the support of COPA and the publicity that they received. 



In 2009, One one One Basketball was invited by the Algerian Basketball Federation to play a vital role developing their youth basketball programs along with selection of their U18 National Basketball team. With a staff of both NCAA and NBA coaches One on One was able to organize a camp that brought in the best players from all over Algeria and identified the elite players using a consistent model that can carry over from one generation to another.

In response to our work with the U18 National Team, the Algerian Basketball Federation worked closely with One on One to select their next Senior National Team head coach.  After an extensive search they chose Sean Whalen to coach the Senior National Team and continue developing continuity through the Algerian National Basketball program.

Coach Whalen was able to the lead the National Team to a best ever 4th place finish at the 2010 African Games with huge wins over Mali and host country Mozambique.  

The Algerian Team had another very strong showing at the 2011 Arab Games in Qatar.  After going 3-0 in the first round, Algeria came up just short against host country Qatar for a chance to play in the gold medal game.  Despite another late round loss, Algeria finished 4th.  Once again both Africa and Asia were aware that Algerian National Team under the guidance of One on One Basketball was ready to compete at the highest levels.

After two successful campaigns Coach Whalen was retained for a second year with the goal of qualifying for the African Championships for the first time since 2005.  After 6 months of preparation Algeria defeated Morocco to qualify for the 2013 African Championships.  In two years as head coach, Sean Whalen was 29-7 overall and 10-5 in official competition.  

During this period, One on One Basketball worked with the Algerian Basketball Federation, the American Embassy in Algiers, and the Algerian Embassy in DC to conduct three more stages to continue youth basketball in the country.  One on One and Sean Whalen traveled around the country conducting coaching clinics for elite youth coaches.  

In two years, One on One Basketball was able to work with over 500 players and 100 coaches to grow and improve the development of basketball in Algeria.




In 2004 One on One Basketball joined forces with the Chicago - Casablanca Sister Cities Organization to help implement "CASA-BASKET". CASA-BASKET is a ten year commitment between Chicago and Casablanca for a basketball training program that will teach basketball to 900 children a year from Casablanca's poorest neighborhoods. The program focuses on giving kids a positive outlet through the sport of basketball. One on One Basketball has been instrumental in the development of the program. In addition to neighborhood clinics, One on One has run clinics at schools and for organized clubs in Morocco. One on One's role was cited in Pew Global Attitudes Report that documented increasingly positive views of the United States by Moroccan citizens.



One on One Basketball joined forces with Australian Basketball Services Pty Ltd in 2001 to start their international expansion. One on One first traveled to Australia in the fall of 2002, to run camps and clinics in Melbourne and Sydney. One on One also implemented the first Elite Player Development Camp during that trip. The Elite Player Development Camp assists players with the transition from junior to senior ranks while providing the tools to help individuals reach their goals of playing at the highest level in Australia or pursuing opportunities to play college basketball in the United States. One on One Coaches have returned to Australia to run Elite Player Development Camps in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Australian Basketball Services is a company committed to promoting and developing the sport of basketball in Australia. To have a positive influence on the sport, ABS focuses on youth development and increasing junior participation. They provide organizations with cost effective marketing and promotional support. They also organize and run international exhibition tours as a means to increase awareness of Australian basketball and encourage the interaction and opportunities for Australians overseas.

After working with One on One Basketball for over 8 months at its headquarters in Washington DC, Australian Basketball Services President Lyndon Dale brought One on One's extremely successful programs to Australia including After School Hoops ®, skills classes, and Summer Hoops Camps. In Australia, One on One was chosen by the Melbourne East Basketball Association and Nunawading Spectres as its provider of school holiday camp programs. In the USA and Australia One on One Basketball was chosen by And 1 basketball clothing manufacturer as its provider of a National camp program.


Eastern Europe

In 1995, One on One Basketball was invited by the Bosnian Children's Fund to create a program for children of the war-torn country. The result was Hoops for Hope, a 10-day series of clinics throughout the country. In 1997, One on One Basketball coaches traveled to Bosnia to help implement the first program. Some 1500 young people participated in the first clinics, including a wheelchair clinic for participants injured in the war. An eye doctor also participated in the program by giving free eye examinations and also distributing 500 pairs of glasses. One on One Coaches returned to Bosnia the following year to offer basketball instruction and equipment to more than 1700 children.


Puerto Rico

One on One Basketball has joined forces with Sapientis to launch basketball programs in San Juan, Puerto Rico. One on One Basketball will travel to Puerto Rico in 2009 to do basketball training and clinics for Sapientis' Youth Leadership program.

Sapientis is an organization committed to improving the quality of public education in Puerto Rico in order to reduce to reduce poverty, stimulate economic growth and improve the quality of life. This is the fundamental purpose of Sapientis, as they develop and implement programs designed to build a multi-sector network of change agents committed to improving public education. Sapientis' goal is to make sure every Puerto Rican child has access to a quality public education system that develops students' abilities, nurtures their talents and prepares them to compete on a global level.

Launching a partnership with One on One Basketball in Puerto Rico will solidify Sapientis' position as an organization that supports and promotes youth leadership initiatives, while increasing its commitment to making public education a top priority.

Sapientis shares One on One Basketball's believe that "hard work, attention to detail, and positive attitude develop habits which serve as the foundation for improvement." Furthermore, promoting skills such as teamwork, patience and organization can help our students see the importance of becoming better "players" in their schools and motivate them to reach their maximum potential. One on One Basketball activities will inspire students to become "champions" of their school work, especially learning how to work within the framework of a team.