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In over twenty plus years I coached basketball at St. Clement School, I shook plenty of hands after too many games to remember. I want to take a moment to personally compliment you and your organization for the great job I've had the pleasure of watching you do in the One on One training program at our school.

For many years, I was the "little guys" coach working with the late Jim Kane as our varsity coach and John Zachara as our JV leader. Each of us spent twenty years, teaching and coaching. So, you can understand how often as I would walk through the gym from my classroom (where for the past seven years I've been the music teacher) and my coaching instinct wants to speak up, but, watching and listening to you and your associates, I'm left with the same attitude as the kindergarten and first graders on the court - quiet, listening, respectful and realizing that a knowledgeable teacher and coach is illuminating the mysteries of roundball!

What you get out of the very young players is astounding. They show tremendous aptitude and court sense. The discipline you achieve with them is off the charts. You accomplish this without ever sounding a harsh note or losing control over such large groups of youngsters. The kids respond so enthusiastically. They learn fundamentals. They learn to love the game. St. Clement's future on the court is looking good!

"Our school and sports program are incredibly lucky to have such a successful group of coaches and teachers complimenting what our volunteer coaches try their best to achieve. I applaud One on One and wish you continued success in the coming years."

Jesse Roe
Teacher/Basketball Coach
St. Clement School

"It's been my experience that most coaches don't have the opportunity to work with kids on individual skills. One on One has instructional programs year-round-a concept long overdue. They will help not only the development, but also the confidence of anyone who wants to get better. "

Danny Ferry
Former NBA Player
GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers

"It has been my observation that the instructors are true professionals, performing their duties with the utmost efficiency and ability. They are of high moral principal with a gentle and caring teaching style. The instructors teach the students to enjoy the process of learning and to acquire the skills necessary to play responsibly as a member of a team. In short, the One on One Basketball program has proven itself to be an outstanding addition to our school. "

Jan Wilson
Athletic Director
Latin Lower School

"I am happy to support After School Hoops. My daughter enrolled with you for a few sessions when you first started at Beye School. It was fantastic!!! The drills were first-rate and you were really there to teach the kids how to play basketball. "

Suzanne Holmes
Basketball Parent

"I learned a lot from One on One. Our workouts were great - filled with valuable information. Their experience provides a different perspective. They've been there, so they know what it takes to play at the next level. "

Amy Duran
High School All-American

"The One on One Basketball staff are knowledgeable, energetic, and engaging. They focus each program specifically for the different age groups and have acquired a regular following of players session after session! "

Stacie Newmark
Program Director
Francis Parker School

"I whole-heartedly endorse One on One Basketball. The program would truly be an asset to any school or children's athletic program. "

Jackie Rapp
University of Chicago Laboratory School
After School Program